Our Story

The album Plynutí (Flowing) is the first, purely original project of singer and songwriter Karolina Beyond and keyboardist Tomáš Prokopič. Judging from the mood that their music creates, the closest genre to their music is New Age, and it reflects the inner connection between the two musicians. The album contains beautiful, timeless and positive music for the soul, with spiritual aspects. 

Karolina and Tomáš have been collaborating since September 2015. They have a unique ability to improvise and tune in to the here and now, both in the studio as well as in concert. They perform at concerts, prevues and festivals, they are invited as guests to meditation camps, and they record live at various places that they find interesting.

Each of them also performs on their own - Tomáš Prokopič has recorded several CDs with relaxation and New Age music, as well as Yoga music. Karolina Beyond has recorded a meditative album with her original work and sacred songs, Inner Voice (2015, in cooperation with musician and guitarist Petr Pinos), and she also focuses on the recording of music for movies.

The pieces included in their first joint CD, Plynutí (2016), were created over the course of one year as improvisations capturing the current inner mood of the two authors. While some of them are more intimate, meditative and make the listener think and immerse themselves in their soul, the others are faster and charge the listener with a staggering amount of energy.

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